Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking for a place to live!!!

Hey people, I need a favor. I am DESPERATELY looking for a place of my own for Tatem and I. I was hoping that I could ask you to keep your eye out for me for FOR RENT signs, anywhere from Kaysville to South Ogden. Good places are hard to find. Maybe the more eyes I have looking the better chances I have of finding a good place for us, especially for Tatem. She's starting school next year so I want to put down roots somewhere soon. Thanks in advance. Peace out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ok people, I have an awesome story about THE David Beckham... (if you don't know who he is, then you're probably very sheltered, haha... you can google him)

For my birthday Adam took me to Salt Lake for the weekend and to the ReAl Salt Lake soccer game against the LA Galaxy (the team that David Beckham plays for) and we stayed at the Radisson Hotel, (used to be the Wyndam (sp?)). On Saturday we left to go lunch in the afternoon and noticed a huge bus in front of the hotel. At first we didn't think anything of it, but then we saw a dude walking around in LA Galaxy garb and just figured that he was a fan, but then we put 2 and 2 together and thought that maybe the LA Galaxy team was staying at the hotel. We thought that was pretty cool and hoped that maybe we'd see one of them in our wanderings around.

Anyway, so we go to the game and it was AWESOME! Such a good game! We (RSL) scored 2 goals within the first 18 minutes so we were feeling pretty confident in our team. Well, at least I was. But then Beckham comes out of nowhere and scores a goal! It was a way sweet goal too! Then a few minutes later he scored another one! Poor Adam, who LOVES Beckham, was out getting drinks and food when all of that went down. I feel so bad for him! He missed out on not one, but TWO David Backham goals. Sad day...

Anyway, after the game, Krissy, Neil, Mikade, Adam and I were hanging out in the stadium and we walked over to where the away team boards their bus and it was the SAME bus that was parked out in front of our hotel. SWEET! They were staying at our hotel! So when we were riding trax down from the stadium we decided to wait for them in the lobby and try to get Beckams picture and autograph. We were the only ones there waiting, it was awesome! So we waited for like a half hour and then the team rolled in and there he was! Live and in color! When he came in the doors Adam walked over and shook his hand and talked to him for a sec and I snapped a picture. I guess then Adam asked him for a picture and they both turned to me and posed for me to take it and I was totally oblivious! I don't even remember them doing that. I'm such a jerk! I just walked up to Beckham and asked him for his autograph. Then I asked him for a picture because it was my birthday and he said sure and wished me happy birthday. Then he put his arm around me, and mine around him (OMG) and Adam took our picture.

This is the best part...!!! Keep in mind that Adam and I are the only ones in the lobby (besides the rest of team). So, as Beckham was walking up the stairs, he turned and looked at me. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!!! Adam saw the whole thing. He even said that on the last one he smirked and smiled a "sexy" smile at me, and Adam was like what the hell?! Hahaha. I didn't see him do it, but OMG!!! David Beckham TRIPLE checked me out!!! And it's totally going to my head, hahaha! Be sure to look closely at the picture of Beckham and I... you can see him LEANING toward me... I swear I'm not making it up! I know I'm a dork! Who knows what he was thinking when he was looking at me; probably that I was crazy for shaking and drooling all over him, but still!

Anyway, I'm going to try and post the pictures below. He autographed my game ticket stub, and I have the pen that he used. We're going to frame them. We got some other pictures with some other players but they're not as famous as Beckham.

Adam gave me the most amazing, unforgettable birthday, EVER! Wahooooooooo! Thank you Adam, I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sorry to the people

People, people, people... patience is a virtue. I will blog when I have time, don't worry! But I'm flattered that you care so much! ;) There's a lot of things happening with me right now, so I've been "busy." I just got back from a business trip to Vegas, which was really fun. I bought a shot glass for my boss that was so inappropriate it was funny. Something about "I blew it in Vegas" and a couple in the shower with someone on their knees... SO inappropriate, I know, but CLASSIC! My current job ended on Friday (March 7th) and my new one will start on Monday, March 17th. It's with the same company with a way higher pay rate, so I'm also looking for an apartment. Hey, do me a favor and keep your eyes and ears out for anything in Kaysville. It's hard to find listings there. AND... drum roll please... I started dating someone that makes me really happy, so things are going super good for me right now! And it's about damn time! haha

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"The Group"

Poor Tater Tot came down sick with croup on Sunday. She's telling everyone that she has "The Group." I hope later in life that doesn't develop into "The Groupie!" I stayed home from work with her yesterday but I took her in with me today because I had a meeting. She loves going to work with me. She gets sooooooo much attention, like a rockstar. People, even people I don't know, give her stuff like candy, and toys they have laying around. She draws pictures for everyone too, so her artwork is all over the 5th floor. And my boss, Amy, is her best friend. She'll go sit in Amy's office and ditch me. :-) But it's cool, I can get more done that way, and Amy really likes having her around. I love my job! I've never worked anywhere where they let you stay home with your sick kids, let alone let you bring them to work with you? It's awesome!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting started...

So, Krissy finally talked me into starting a blog, a dumb blog. Everybody’s doing it, so why not? (I give in to peer pressure easily) Where did the word “blog” come from anyway? It sounds like something that you cough up or blow out your nose, both things unpleasant. Anyway, you’re either going to find out how smart I am and that I’m a brilliant writer, or that I’m severely retarded and that I need to learn English; it could go either way. Or maybe both, who knows? I’ve been known to live up to both sides.

I honestly don’t think anyone will even WANT to read it, except maybe Celeste while she’s “stalkering” (love you!) so I’ll just enjoy myself writing it. The other thing I’m afraid of is that I’ll be misunderstood because I am sooooo sarcastic and full of crap. AND I think that I’m funny (no lie). So just remember not to take me too seriously and that I laugh at my own jokes. :-)

I have no idea where to start so this may take awhile to get up and running. Aaand…… I’m out!

VIDEO-Tatem and I sledding (kind of) Feb. 2, 2008

VIDEO-Tatem @ dance class Jan. 2008